Jeff M. Witte, Director/Secretary of Agriculture

Jeff grew up on his family’s ranch on the Rowe Mesa between Moriarty and Las Vegas, New Mexico. He graduated from New Mexico State University (NMSU) with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural business management and a master’s degree in agricultural economics. After college, Jeff worked for New Mexico Farm & Livestock Bureau as the field representative for the counties … Continue reading Jeff M. Witte, Director/Secretary of Agriculture

Veterinary Diagnostic Services

NMDA’s Veterinary Diagnostic Services Division conducts diagnostic analysis of animal specimens from veterinarians and agencies to determine the cause of deaths or to identify diseases. These specimens range from a tube of blood or piece of tissue to a large animal. Our pathologists and in house scientists work together with the New Mexico Department of … Continue reading Veterinary Diagnostic Services

Consumer Services Information

The Consumer services program inspects weighing and measuring devices annually that are used commercially. Examples of some devices inspected by Consumer services include store checkout scales and scanners truck scales, and livestock scales. These devices are inspected and tested in accordance with the given specifications and tolerances. These are set forth in the National Institute of Standards and … Continue reading Consumer Services Information

Divisions Directory Page

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