Don’t Wait! Calibrate

Welcome to NMDA’s Pesticide Compliance Calibration Toolbox!

Listed below are helpful tutorials, websites, publications and even a few apps to meet all of your calibration needs.

YouTube Tutorials on Calibrating your Equipment

Penn State
Boom Sprayer Calibration

Texas A&M
How to Calibrate a Boom Sprayer

Calibration Websites

Center for Integrated Pest Management – Pesticide Environmental Stewardship
Calibration Page:

Journal of Extension
Boom Sprayer Calibration Made Easy with an Excel Spreadsheet Program: 

eVegetation Manager
Insecticide/Pesticide Sprayer Calibration Guide:

Boom Sprayer Calibration (1/128 Calibration Method):

Publications on Calibrating Your Equipment

Virginia Cooperative Extension
Calibrating Hand-Held and Backpack Sprayers for Applying Pesticides

North Dakota State University Extension Service
Spray Equipment and Calibration

Calibration of Pesticide Application Equipment

Calibration Apps for your Smartphone

Sprayer Depot
Sprayer Calibration Calculator:

University of Illinois Extension
Sprayer Calibration Calculator:

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