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Our Mission

The NMDA State Chemist Laboratory is primarily a compliance and regulatory lab. The primary mission of the State Chemist Laboratory is to provide analytical support services to NMDA’s Agricultural & Environmental Services Division. This division is charged with ensuring that New Mexico’s citizens receive quality products. These are those who use animal feed (including pet food), commercial fertilizers, and commercial pesticides. These services ensure a level playing field for manufacturers and promotes responsible environmental stewardship. In support of this, the laboratory analyzes samples of these types collected by NMDA inspectors from across the state.


The State Chemist Lab has the capability to perform a wide variety of tests on Feeds, Fertilizers, and Pesticides. This includes, but is not limited to, protein, fat and fiber content for animal feeds. Also included are available nitrogen, potash, and phosphoric acid content for fertilizers. This also includes identification and formula verification for pesticides. A complete list of available tests is included on the Analysis Request forms available below. Additional special testing is available on a case-by-case basis. Check back often as we are always working to expand the services we can provide! All of these tests can be requested on a fee basis by private citizens and industry. Please note that the fee schedule for pesticides is specified as per NMAC Subsections C(7) and D.

Service Samples

Samples should be submitted in clean plastic bags, a minimum of 500g of product (if sampled from different sacks or batches of feed please do not intermingle differing lot numbers) and clearly labeled with a detailed description of the product. It is preferable that you include a copy of the complete product label or at a minimum, a listing of ingredients, which will allow the chemist to analyze based upon the type of feed.

Analysis Request Forms

Feed Analysis

For questions or to request additional information or analyses, please call the State Chemist at 575-646-2799 or email

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