Verified NEW MEXICO CHILE Registration List

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Current as of 09/09/2021


A & J Family Farms
Adams Produce, Inc.
Albertsons Companies, Inc.
Andrew Robbins Holdings, LLC
Arnold’s Candies
Art of Chocolate, LLC
Asenzya, Inc.
Aztec Rogue Foods, LLC


B & H Company
Badia Spices, Inc.
Bail Out Productions, LLC dba Diane’s Signature Products
Basaldua Produce
Bay Valley Foods, LLC
Beehive Cheese Co.
Beer Bakers, Inc. dba Soberdough
Bendistillery, Inc.
Birchwood Foods
Blakes Lotaburger, LLC
Blue Moose of Boulder
Boulder Soup Works/dba Boulder Organic Foods, LLC
Bueno Foods
Burrito Kitchens


CMR Distribution, LLC/dba Nanita’s Finest
Carrasco Chile Farm
Casa Blanca Beef Jerky
Casa De Benavidez
Cervantes Food Products, LLC
CF Farms Inc. dba Culinary Farms
Chile Addict
Chile Fanatic
Chile Grande
Chile Pepper Institute
Chile Products of New Mexico
Chile River, Inc.
Chile Traditions
Chilo’s Chile
Chopped Chile Co. LLC
Cody Shiflett Farms
Country Archer Jerky Co./dba S&E Gourmet Cuts, Inc.


Del Monte Foods, Inc.
Diablo Fireworks, LLC DBA Old Jim’s Jerky
Dick’s Cafe
Dollin’s Pecan Co. dba Durham Pecan Co.
Dolores’ New Mexico Chile Products, LLC
Don Panco Authentic Mexican Foods
Dr. In The Kitchen, LLC
Duran & Sons, Inc.


Eagle Ranch Pistachio Groves/Heart of the Desert
Eddie’s Savory Food Products, LLC
El Charro Mexican Food Industries
El Gordo’s Food Products, LLC
El Paisano, Inc.
El Pinto Foods, LLC
El Sol Foods, LLC


Farmer’s Market
Fiesta Canning
Five Star Chili
Flagship Food Group of North America
Fredericksburg Lockers, Inc./dba Opa’s Smoked Meats
Frieda’s, Inc.
Frontier Co-op


Garcia’s Kitchen
Get Hooked Beef
Gillis Farms
Gilly Loco
Gomez Salsa Company, LLC
Good Food Made Simple, LLC
Gourmet Gardens
Gracen Reign Farm
Grajeda Farms
Grajeda’s Farm
Granny Annie’s Chile, LLC
Graves Farm and Garden


H Espinoza Distributing, Inc./dba Loma Vista Chile Products
Hail Merry, LLC
Hannah International Foods Inc.
Harold’s SW Gifts
Harvest Gifts
Hatch Chile Company, LLC
Hatch Chile Express, LLC
Hatch Chile Market
Heidi’s Raspberry Farm
Hot Damm Chile
Hot Flash Chile Company
Hummus Gourmet, LLC/dba Lantana Foods




J Busta Farm
JR’s Jerky Company
Jardine Foods/dba Teasdale Foods
Jillipepper, Inc.
Johnsonville, LLC
J.T.M. Food Group


Kiddo Ranch, LLC
Kopper’s Chocolate
Korn Patch, LLC


L.A. Soup & Specialty, LLC
Lantana Foods/dba Hummus Gourmet, LLC
Las Cruces Candy Co.
Leal’s Mexican Foods,
Leslie-Gibbs Candy Company, Inc.
Loma Vista Chile Products/dba H Espinoza Distributing, Inc.
Lopez Farm
Lorenzo’s Italian Restaurant/dba Prime Corporation
Los Chileros
Lucero Farms


M.A. & Sons, Inc.
Majestic Spice
Margaritaville Chile Farm
Matteo’s Mexican Food
Mesa View Country Kitchen
MBJ Packing, LLC
Manzana Center, Inc./dba Rancho de Chimayo
Mark Anthony Farm
McCormick and Company, Inc.
Megamix Foods, LLC
Mesa View Country Kitchen
Mesilla Valley Produce
Mi Abuelo Organic Chile, LLC
Mi Ranchito Foods, Inc.
Mick’s Chile Fix
MKP Products, LLC
Mojave Foods, Corporation
Monroe’s Restaurants and Jarred Chiles
Mountain Man Gourmet
My Brother’s Salsa
Mycological Natural Products Ltd/dba Terra Dolce


Nanita’s Finest/dba CMR Distribution, LLC
Native Hispanic Institute, Chimayo Chile Project
New Mexico Desert Farm
New Mexico Food Distributors
New Mexico Green Chile Company
New Mexico Pecan Company
New Mexico Prickly Pear Jelly, LLC
New Mexico Sabor, LLC
New Mexico Wineries, Inc.
New West Products, LLC
Nizhoni Keyah, Inc.
Noisy Water Winery


Ol’ Gringo Chile Company
Old Barrell Tea Company
Old Pecos Foods
Old Santa Fe Trail
Opa’s Smoked Meats/dba Fredericksburg Lockers, Inc.
Ortiz Farms
OS Holdings dba Oregon Spice Company


Paulita’s New Mexico, LLC
Patagonia Orchards, LLC
Pecos Valley Chile Company
Phil’s Gourmet Sauces
Phoenix Food, LLC
Porter Farms, LLC
Praters Foods/dba USM Manufacturing LLC
Prime Corporation/dba Lorenzo’s Italian Restaurant


Quality Foods, Inc.


Rancho de Chimayo/dba Manzana Center, Inc.
Rancho de Santa Fe
Ravenshire LLC
Renaissance Food Group
Reser’s Fine Foods, Inc.
Rich Products Corporation
Rockhouse Farm
Rosales Produce/Farm
Rose & Shore, Inc.
RRR Farms/RJF Farms


7 of Us, LLC
Sadie’s of New Mexico
Santa Fe Grill Catering Co., LLC
Santa Fe Ole Food Company
Santa Maura Spice & Garlic Co., Inc.
Santana’s Black Label Gourmet Food Co.
Saso, LLC
Seco Spice Ltd. Company
Select New Mexico/dba Es Mi Tiempo, Inc.
Select Produce, LLC
Señor Murphy Candymaker, LLC
Sensient Natural Ingredients
Silver Fork Gourmet, Inc.
Simply Fresh Foods
Skinny Man Gourmet Jerky
Snake Ranch, LLC
Steven Lyles Farms, Inc.


Teasdale Foods/dba Jardine Foods
Terra Dolce/dba Mycological Natural Products Ltd.
Texafrance, Inc.
The Art of Chocolate, LLC
The Authentic New Mexican
The Bossy Gourmet, LLC
The Candy Crate, LLP
The Chocolate Smith and Amour Chocolates
The Fresh Chile Company
The Gracious Gourmet
The Truck Farm, LLC
The Shed Restaurant
The Taos Hum Make it Shop
The Valdez Corporation
Three Brothers
Tio Willis
Torn and Glasser, Inc.
Trader Joe’s
Treasure Valley Specialty Foods
Tsimayo LLC
Tucson Tamale Wholesale Company
Tucumcari Mountain Cheese Factory, Inc.
Tucumcari Springwater & Seed Co. dba Taco Box
Twang Partners, LTD
Tyler, Inc.

USM Manufacturing/dba Praters Foods


Vigil’s Beef Jerky, LLC


WayBetter Marketing/dba The Chile Guy
Wethington Holistic Arts
WiseChoice Foods
World Variety Produce, Inc.



Yancy’s Fancy, Inc.
Young Guns, Inc.


Z-7 Farms, Inc.
Zia Green Chile Company, LLC
Zoe’s Meats