Livestock Scale Inspection

The Consumer Services program is responsible for the annual inspection and testing of commercial Livestock Scales used in the state of New Mexico. The Livestock Scale Inspection program is by request basis only. Livestock Scale Inspection Requests are accepted annually during the months of January through March and are inspected between April 1 and December 31 of the current year. *Fees will be assessed to scale inspection requests received after the deadline date.*

In order to improve our efficiency, the New Mexico Department of Agriculture Standards and Consumer Services Division (SCS) has launched a Routine Livestock Scale Inspection Program. The program will apply to livestock scale owners who consistently request SCS’s annual livestock inspection service. Click here for more information on our program and its requirements.

The online livestock scale request form below is ONLY for livestock scale owners OPTED out of the  Routine Livestock Scale Inspection Program. If you are part of the the Routine Livestock Scale Inspection Program, please DO NOT fill out the form below.

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