Feed, Seed and Fertilizer

A time-lapsed photo is shown. 5 stages of the seedling stage are shown right next to each other.

NMDA’s Feed, Seed & Fertilizer Section has evolved since its conception in 1929 as the Feed & Fertilizer Control Office. Many changes have occurred over the years. However, the dedication to the safety of feed, seed and fertilizer products has remained. The section’s main focus is the regulation of commercial feeds, fertilizers and soil amendments. It also includes seed distributed into and within the state. A majority of the regulation is achieved through registration of  commercial feeds, fertilizer, or soil conditioners; tonnage reporting; and inspections.

The Feed, Seed & Fertilizer Section also contributes to the safety of consumers through education and guidance. This is accomplished with the cooperation with the Food and Drug Administration, the Association of American Feed Control Officials, and the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials. This cooperation results in the implementation of uniform policies for regulating the use of animal feed products, fertilizers, or soil conditioners. This includes the establishment of uniform ingredient definitions and proper labeling to assure the safe use of feeds and fertilizers.

The following pages provide additional information and services:

Commercial Feed: General Information

Fertilizer and Soil Conditioners

Seed: General Information

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