Study Materials: Pesticides

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Core Exam

Information for the Core exam is from the National Pesticide Applicator Certification Core Manual. It can be purchased from NMDA or viewed and printed. Select the following to view the NM Pesticide Law Summary .

Operator Exam

To prepare for this exam NMDA recommends reviewing the NM Pesticide Law Summary. Also review these chapters of the National Core Manual, including the Learning Objectives and Review Questions:

• Ch. 3, Pesticide Labeling
• Ch. 5, Pesticide Hazards and First Aid
• Ch. 6, Personal Protective Equipment
• Ch. 9, Emergency or Incident Response
• Ch. 11, Pesticide Application Procedures

Pest Control Categories

1A and 1B: Agricultural Pest Control and Agricultural Weed Control. The NM Training Manual for Agricultural Pest Control and Agricultural Weed Control, compiled by NMSU’s Cooperative Extension Service. To purchase a hard copy of the manual from NMDA for $20 click here. To access the free PDF version go here:

1C: Animal Pest Control. An internet search on “livestock pests” will bring up several good online sources of information. No specific material is recommended.

2: Forest Pest Control. The “Field Guide to Insect and Diseases of Arizona and New Mexico Forests”. This is available at no cost from NMDA; call or email us for a copy. You can also see a pdf version of the manual here:

3A and 3B: Ornamental & Turf Pests and Ornamental & Turf Weeds. New Mexico Pesticide Applicator Training: Ornamental & Turf  is a complete overview of the Ornamental & Turf category.  To purchase a hard copy of the manual from NMDA for $30 click here. To access the free PDF version go here:

4: Seed Treatment. Good study guides are available from Washington State University Cooperative Extension (800-723-1763) and Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service (405-774-5385), among others.

5: Aquatic Pest and Weed Control. Suggested study material includes Aquatic Pest Management: A Training Manual for Commercial Pesticide Applicators, from Michigan State University.

6A: Wood Preservation. The Preservation of Wood available here

6B: Right-of-Way Weed Control. You can find an exam study guide here: Category 6B Exam Study Guide.

The Right-of-Way book is available at Cornell University.  You can purchase that book directly from The Cornell Store

For categories 7A, 7B, 7C and 7D. Purchase one of these great reference books. They are Truman’s Scientific Guide to Pest Management Operations (ISBN 0-929870-64-6) or Mallis’ Handbook of Pest Control (ISBN 1-890561-01-0). Both are available from bookstores, including online bookstores such as or

7A: Structural Pest Control

       7B: Vertebrate Animal Pest Control

7C: Fumigation

7D: Wood Destroying Pest Control

8: Public Health Pest Control. To purchase a hard copy of the New Mexico Vector Control Manual  from NMDA click here. To access the free PDF version visit the NM Health Department website. Select the letter “V” under the publications page to find each of the Vector Control Manual Chapters.

11B: Cooling Towers. Cooling Towers can be purchased from Cornell University online at For information call 1-800-624-4080.

11E: Worker Protection Standard.  Study materials are available on our web site or by calling NMDA.  Material is also available commercially from Gempler’s, 1-800-382-8473.

11G: Sewer Line Chemical Root Control. Sewer Root Control can be purchased from Cornell University online at: For information call 1-800-624-4080.

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