Information for Registrants

Pesticides must be registered in New Mexico before they can be distributed or used in the state. Any product that claims to control, mitigate, or repel a pest is a pesticide. This includes insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides, insect repellents, desiccants, sanitizers, and more.

Pesticides may be restricted – classified for use only by certified applicators – by either federal or state law. Products restricted by federal law are automatically restricted in the state. In addition to federally-restricted pesticides, certain herbicides are restricted within New Mexico by state law.

Federally-restricted pesticides are clearly marked on the front of the label. NM-restricted  herbicides are 2,4-D products labeled primarily for use in agriculture, rights-of-way, forests, and similar sites. 2,4-D herbicides labeled primarily for ornamental, turf, or home garden plantings are not restricted.

NMDA inspects businesses that sell pesticides, like feed stores, hardware stores, agrochemical dealers, and garden centers. Inspectors make sure that all the pesticides for sale are displayed and stored safely and are registered in the state.

All pesticides and devices must be registered before they can be offered for sale in New Mexico. Products are registered by their marketing label, not their active ingredient or EPA number. For instance, if the product is marketed with different fragrances, alternate brand names, or water-soluble bags. Each different fragrance, formula, etc. must be registered.

PLEASE NOTE:All labels, revisions and supplemental distribution forms should be submitted in PDF format. Do this via either email or on a CD.

To register, submit:

  1. A completed application form.
  2. Marketing labels for each product, in PDF format; send via email or on a CD.
  3. For any supplemental products, a PDF of EPA Form 8570-5, Notice of Supplemental Distribution.
  4. The registration fee of $100 per product.

Special registrations (experimental use permits, Section 18 exemptions, and 24c exemptions) are not subject to registration fee. The registration fee if their parent product is registered.