A Commercial Operator/ Technicians License

Commercial Operator/Technicians are employees of Commercial Applicators who apply pesticides. Any employee of a Commercial Applicator who applies any pesticides, must be licensed. This is whether or not the pesticide is classified as Restricted.

Operator/Technicians must pass written exams covering general pesticide information and NM laws and rules. They do not take Category exams. Operator/Technicians may only perform the types of pest control in which their Commercial Applicator employer is certified. To be licensed as an Operator/Technician an individual must:

  1. Complete the Operator/Technician application form. This form must be acknowledged by the Commercial Applicator employer
  2. Pass the Operator exam
  3. The Commercial Applicator employer then submits the license fee of $50.

Applicants have 60 days to complete all these requirements, or they must re-apply and take all tests again.

Additional Requirements for Wood-Destroying Pest Control (Category 7D)

This is for Commercial Applicator who wishes to apply pesticides for the control of wood destroying organisms (primarily termites). They must document one year of specific WDO experience and attend four hours of approved training. This is before he is eligible to take the Wood Destroying Pest Control Category exam (Category 7D).

Operator/Technicians must also attend approved training and pass a Wood Destroying Pest Control exam. This is before they can perform any WDO pest control. Once an Operator/Technician passes the Category 7D exam, he is known as a Termite Technician.

In addition, any person who wishes to conduct inspections for wood destroying organisms must be licensed. They must be licensed as a Commercial Applicator, Termite Technician, or Pest Management Consultant. They must also be certified in Category 7D.

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