Pesticide Licensing Types

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Commercial Applicators – Anyone who applies any pesticides, including general-use pesticides, for hire.

Commercial Operator/Technicians – Employees of Commercial Applicators who applies any pesticides.

Private Applicators – Farmers and ranchers who use restricted-use pesticides in their agricultural production.

Public Applicators  – Employees of governmental entities whose job duties include pesticide applications (weed control, vector control, etc.)

Noncommercial Applicators – Property owners or managers who use restricted- use pesticides. This is only for those at their place of business (apartment complexes, building managers, store owners, etc.)

Pest Management Consultants  – Persons who make recommendations regarding the use of restricted-use pesticides but never actually apply pesticides.

Pesticide Dealers – Businesses that sell restricted-use pesticides.


Additional Programs
Protecting Water & Endangered Species

NPDES Permits for Pesticide Applicators



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