Documenting Application Experience

To qualify for a Commercial Applicator’s license you must provide evidence of two years of experience applying pesticides. You may also have one year experience plus 20 college credits in biological and/or agricultural sciences. You can document pesticide application experience in several ways.

  • If you’ve held another pesticide applicator license in New Mexico (like an Operator license, Private Applicator license, etc.), let us know and we can look up your history.
  • If you’ve held a pesticide license in another state, ask that state to send us documentation of your license. Do this whether it’s current or expired.
  • If you have not held a license but have experience applying pesticides, you can ask for statements. Current or former employers may describe your duties as they related to pesticide use. This includes dates, specific pesticides and application equipment used, etc.

If you have no experience applying pesticides you can take one of several distance-learning or correspondence courses. Successful completion of one of these courses can be substituted for the two-year experience requirement.

University of Florida

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Purdue University

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