Pesticides Advice for Consumers

  • Use caution when buying pesticides on the internet. A professional looking website doesn’t ensure the seller knows the laws and regulations of selling pesticides online.
  • Make sure the product has an EPA registration number, provides the active ingredient, and is registered in New Mexico . Registered labels can be searched by EPA number, product name, or ingredient using National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC/NPRO).
  • Registration of a pest control device under the  New Mexico Pesticide Control Act is ­not an indication or warranty that the device is suitable for any particular purpose.  NMDA does not test registered pest control devices for quality or functionality, nor does NMDA endorse or recommend the use of any registered pest control devices.
  • Be certain the product has instructions that you can understand and follow.
  • Don’t buy restricted use pesticides if you are not licensed to apply them.
  • Understand the pest you are attempting to control. By doing a little research, you may find that other control options will work better. Integrated pest management (IPM) uses a variety of solutions for controlling pests. For example, rodent poisons can be avoided when controlling mice in homes. Alternative options include sealing entry points, food sources are eliminated, and snap traps are used.