NMDA Hemp Registration

As required by state law, New Mexico Department of Agriculture issues licenses to businesses/individuals cultivating hemp. The New Mexico Environment Department issues licenses to businesses/individuals for processing activities following harvest, including extraction, distillation, and manufacturing. A brief summary of each license and document issued by New Mexico Department of Agriculture follows:

Additional forms:

Attention hemp producers in Socorro County: a Socorro County Annual Production Permit is required for all commercial cannabis producers in Socorro County, NM. As a requirement of Socorro County, New Mexico Ordinance 2021-01 these permits are directed toward ensuring that all commercial cannabis planted and grown in Socorro County is feminized/female. Click here to view permit application. Please familiarize yourself with the Socorro County Cannabis Production Ordinance to gain an understanding of county level regulatory requirements. Click here to view ordinance.  (Note: Socorro County Annual Cannabis Production Permit Applications must be submitted to the Socorro County Manager’s Office)

If you have a special need and require one of the above licenses, please contact us. Questions regarding hemp and nursery applications and licenses can be addressed at hemp@nmda.nmsu.edu or 575-646-3207. 

Understand that a valid license is proof that you have registered with the state as a hemp producer with the intent of producing hemp. This license is required by law enforcement if you have viable hemp plants or are a grower in possession of raw hemp. 

Updated: January 6, 2022

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