Hemp Registered Chemistry

The following information represents pesticide products registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA) that may be used for the production of hemp. This information may be updated at any time. Please read disclaimer language carefully before you apply pesticides to your crop:

  1. Always read and follow the pesticide label. Refer to the label for the most up to date information such as: re-entry intervals, pre-harvest
    intervals and all other use direction and safety precautions.
  2. Check with your extractor/processor to determine if they have any policies regarding pesticides. Some extractors/processors may reject
    your crop due to pesticide residues that can contaminate their solvent or equipment.
  3. If you are growing for an inhalation or edible end product market, check with your buyer regarding their pesticide policies.
  4. If you are growing for an end product that will be exported out of the country, there may be additional requirements and limitations for
    pesticide uses on your crop. 


Pesticides not on these lists are prohibited for use in hemp plant production. New products will be added to the lists as they are received and registered by NMDA. Contact the Pesticide Compliance Section office (575-646-2134) at any time with questions or to verify registration status of a pesticide.

The following link may be used to search pesticide product registrations. Please see instructions for assistance in locating pesticide product labels.