Termites 101 – Pest Control

Have you found what you suspect to be termites or termite damage? Don’t panic! Call a professional to investigate! This professional should be a licensed Pest Management Consultant or Commercial Pesticide Applicator. They may also be Termite Technician with category 7D, Wood Destroying Pest Control. He or she will have a NMDA license to show … Continue reading Termites 101 – Pest Control

Pesticide Consumer Information

If you’ve been exposed to a pesticide please contact your doctor or call Poison Help at 1-800-222-1222.  DANGERS OFBUYING PESTICIDES ONLINE TYPES OF PESTICIDES FOR SALE ADVICE FOR CONSUMERS SELLER RESPONSIBILITIES NOTE: Registration of a pest control device under the  New Mexico Pesticide Control Act is ­not an indication or warranty that the device is … Continue reading Pesticide Consumer Information

A Commercial Operator/ Technicians License

Commercial Operator/Technicians are employees of Commercial Applicators who apply pesticides. Any employee of a Commercial Applicator who applies any pesticides, must be licensed. This is whether or not the pesticide is classified as Restricted. Operator/Technicians must pass written exams covering general pesticide information and NM laws and rules. They do not take Category exams. Operator/Technicians may … Continue reading A Commercial Operator/ Technicians License

A Commercial Applicators License

Commercial Applicators apply or supervise the application of any pesticide for any purpose on someone else’s property for compensation. In order to qualify for a Commercial Applicator license an individual must document 2 years’ experience applying pesticides. They may instead document 20 hours of college credits in biological and/or agricultural sciences. In this case, they … Continue reading A Commercial Applicators License