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Senate Bill 6, Industrial Hemp Research

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[Update: 10/18/2018]

The New Mexico Department of Agriculture held five public hearings regarding the hemp cultivation rule. The hearings were held in Las Cruces (Oct. 12), Espanola (Oct. 15), Albuquerque (Oct. 15), Portales (Oct. 16) and Carlsbad (Oct. 16). Based on public input, the hearing officer will make recommendations to the Secretary of Agriculture. Then the Secretary of Agriculture will, if needed, amend the draft rule and present it to the New Mexico State University Board of Regents for their review and vote. If approved by the Board of Regents, the rule will be filed with the Commission of Public Records prior to promulgation.

[Update: 04/30/2018]

On April 25, 2018, the New Mexico Supreme Court overturned the previous veto of Senate Bill 6 (Industrial Hemp Research Rules) by Governor Martinez. At this time, the New Mexico Department of Agriculture has initiated the rule-making process. Updates will be posted when information is available, including public input opportunities. Please see Las Cruces Sun News article at

The New Mexico Supreme Court will hear oral arguments regarding 10 bills that were vetoed during the 2017 legislative session. Two of the ten bills pertain to the development of an industrial hemp program at NMDA. Oral arguments in front of the supreme court are scheduled for April 25. The link below will guide you to the supreme court calendar and pending case information page.

On Tuesday, January 2, 2018, New Mexico’s Supreme Court blocked District Judge Sarah Singleton’s decision that determined that Governor Martinez did not legally veto 10 bills passed during the 2017 legislative session. The January 2 ruling puts a hold on the promulgation of all 10 bills until the court has a ‘full and fair opportunity’ to consider the case.

The 10 bills, including two bills legalizing hemp research, were passed by legislators during the 2017 legislative session and then vetoed by Governor Martinez. The Governor’s veto was challenged in District Court with Judge Sarah Singleton ruling that the 10 bills were not vetoed through a legal process, and therefore should be promulgated. The Governor’s office then challenged Judge Singleton’s ruling in the New Mexico Supreme Court. The recent Supreme Court decision puts the 10 bills, including hemp, back in legal limbo until the court address the issue at a later date.

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Below is background information regarding Senate Bill 6, Industrial Hemp Research.

Appeal CASE #: S1SC36731

November 6, 2017, the New Mexico Supreme Court will consider an appeal by the governor challenging a judge’s August decision to overturn the vetoes and allow the bills to become law.

State Supreme court will hear a veto plea from the governor

September 28, 2017, ten bills that passed the Legislature but were invalidly vetoed were chaptered today. Senate Bill 6 and the story can be found below.

Judge lets vetoed bills become law

Senate Bill 6 Industrial Hemp Research