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Statutes and Rules

The New Mexico Department of Agriculture is responsible for the administration of over 30 state statutes and the rules and regulations promulgated under them. The statutes and rules made available here are for the public’s convenience and are meant to be used only as a reference. The department has made every effort to accurately reproduce these statutes here but they are not the official statutes of the state. The official statutes are made available on the Internet on the New Mexico Compilation Commission website. The official rules are available at the New Mexico Administrative Code website. If there are any discrepancies between versions provided here and the official version, the official version rules.


Pecan Weevil Interior Quarantine 21.17.36 NMAC

As a result of the recent pecan weevil findings, the New Mexico Department of Agriculture has implemented a sixty-day quarantine effective January 27, 2017. To limit the spread of pecan weevil from infested residential trees to commercial orchards, movement of pecans produced within the city limits of Clovis, Roswell, Hobbs, and Artesia are restricted.

Specifics regarding the certification of pecan nuts can be found within the quarantine rule. Information is also available at the affected area’s County Cooperative Extension Offices.  Residential and commercial pecan tree owners should be on the lookout for pecans with round, BB-sized holes in the shells, or legless, white grubs inside the pecan nut. If you suspect you have pecan weevil in your residential pecan trees, contact your local County Cooperative Extension Office.


Bee Act  Chapter 76, Article 9
Commercial Apiaries  21.27.2 NMAC


New Mexico Chile Advertising Act Chapter 25, Article 11
New Mexico Chile Verification and Record Requirements 21.16.7 NMAC


Dairy Act   Chapter 25, Article 7
Dairy Product Act  Chapter 25, Article 7A
Dairy Establishment Sanitation Act  Chapter 26, Article 7B
Pasturized Milk Ordinance  21.34.3 NMAC
Administrative Penalties under Dairy Act  21.34.14 NMAC
Animal Drug Residue Enforcement Procedures  21.34.4 NMAC
Open Date Labeling for Dairy Products 21.34.5 NMAC
Standards of Identity for Frozen Desserts 21.34.6 NMAC
Retail Sale of Raw Milk  21.34.2 NMAC


Egg Grading Act Administrative Penalties  21.34.13 NMAC
Grades and Standards for Shell Eggs and Reports Covering Information  21.34.8 NMAC
Egg Inspection Fees  21.34.7 NMAC
Egg Grading Act 25-6-1 through 16, NMSA 1978


Commercial Feed Act  Chapter 76, Article 19A
Commercial Feeds  21.18.3 NMAC
Seed Law  Chapter 76, Article 10
Seed Standards & Classifications  21.18.4 NMAC
New Mexico Fertilizer Act  Chapter 76, Article 11
Fertilizer Products  21.18.2 NMAC


NMDA Rulemaking Procedures  21.1.1 NMAC
Fees for Documents and Services  21.1.2 NMAC
Parental Responsibility Act Compliance  21.1.3 NMAC


New Mexico Produce Marketing Act  Chapter 76, Article 15
New Mexico Commodity Commission Act  Chapter 76, Article 21
New Mexico Specialty Crops Act  citation unknown
New Mexico Sheep and Goat Council Act  Chapter 77, Article 8A
New Mexico Beef Council Act  Chapter 77, Article 2A


Noxious Weed Control Act Chapter 76, Article 7, 1-22 NMSA
Noxious Weed Act of 1963 Chapter 76, Article 7, 22-30 NMSA
Noxious Weed Management Act Chapter 76, Article 7D NMSA
Rangeland Protection Act Chapter 76, Article 7B NMSA
Range Management Plans Chapter 76, Article 7C NMSA
Taylor Grazing Act Funds, distribution Chapter 6, Article 11, 5 NMSA
Farm and Range Improvement Fund Chapter 6, Article 11, 6 NMSA
Predatory Wild Animals and Rodent Pests Chapter 77, Article 15, 1-5 NMSA
Acequia and Community Ditch Fund Act Chapter 73, Article 2A, 1-3 NMSA
Ditches to which applicable Chapter 73, Article 2, 27 NMSA
Watershed District Act Chapter 73, Article 20, 1-24 NMSA
Soil and Water Conservation District Act Chapter 73, Article 20, 25-48 NMSA
Conducting an Election of District Supervisors  Title 21, Chapter 9, Part 2 NMAC 
Conducting a Referendum Title 21, Chapter 9, Part 3 NMAC 


Organic Agriculture 21.15.1 NMAC


Pesticide Control Act  Chapter 76, Article 4
Pesticides  21.17.50 NMAC
Control of Wood Destroying Pests  21.17.51 NMAC
Continuing Education Units for Pesticide Applicators  21.17.53 NMAC
Restricted-Use Pesticides  21.17.56 NMAC
M-44 Capsules and the Livestock Protection Collar  21.17.57 NMAC


Pinon Nut Act  Chapter 25, Article 10


Pest Control Act  Chapter 76, Article 6
Plant Protection Act  Chapter 76, Article 6, ¶ 11-28
Grasshopper and Other Range Pest Control Act  Chapter 76, Article 6, ¶ 2-10
Cotton Boll Weevil Control Act  Chapter 76, Article 6A
Harmful Plant Act  Chapter 76, Article 7A
Pink Bollworm Control Act  Chapter 76, Article 6B
Plant Nursery Licensing and Inspection  21.17.2 NMAC
Cotton Pest Emergency Action  21.17.32 NMAC
Cotton Boll Weevil Quarantine  21.17.42 NMAC
Pink Bollworm Permanent Plowdown  21.17.31 NMAC
Japanese Beetle Exterior Quarantine  21.17.27 NMAC
Pecan Weevil Exterior Quarantine  21.17.28 NMAC
Pepper Weevil Interior Quarantine and Plow-down  21.17.29 NMAC
Red Imported Fire Ant Interior Quarantine  21.17.33 NMAC


Weighmaster Act  Chapter 57, Article 18
Weighmaster Act Administrative Penalties  21.16.12 NMAC
Weighmaster Bonding Requirements  21.16.9 NMAC

  • Weighmaster Act, Registration Requirements
  • Weighmaster Act, Weight Certificate Requirements
  • Weighmaster Act, Bonding Requirements

WEIGHTS & MEASURES – Consumer Services

Weights and Measures Law  Chapter 57, Article 17
Weights & Measures Law Administrative Penalties  21.16.11 NMAC
Specifications, Tolerances and Other Technical Requirements for Commercial Weighing and Measuring Devices  21.16.2 NMAC
Not Sealed Not Legal for Trade Under the Weights and Measures Law  21.16.3 NMAC
Bonding and Registration of Services Technicians and Services Establishments for Commercial Weighing or Measuring Devices  21.16.5 NMAC
Checking the Net Contents of Packaged Goods  21.16.10 NMAC
Price Representations  21.16.6 NMAC
Method of Sale of Commodities 21.16.4 NMAC

  • Examination Procedures for Price Verification
  • Price Verification Manual
  • Double-Draft Vehicle Weighing
  • Fees for Weights and Measures Services
  • Full Service Weights and Measures Establishments Registration Requirements
  • Full Service Weights and Measures Establishments Bonding Requirements
  • Regulations on Sale of Fuelwood

WEIGHTS & MEASURES – Petroleum Standards

Petroleum Products Standards Act  Chapter 57, Article 19
Specifications, Tolerances, and Other Technical Requirements for Commercial Weighing and Measuring Devices  19.15.103 NMAC
Standard Specifications/Modifications for Petroleum Products  19.15.104 NMAC
Labeling Requirements for Petroleum Products  19.15.105 NMAC
Octane Posting Requirements  19.15.106 NMAC
Applying Administrative Penalties  19.15.107 NMAC
Bonding and Registration of Servicemen and Service Establishments for Commercial Petroleum Weighing or Measuring Devices  19.15.108 NMAC
Not Sealed Not Legal For Trade  19.15.109 NMAC
Biodiesel Fuel Specification, Dispensers, and Dispenser Labeling Requirements  19.15.110 NMAC
E85 Fuel Specification, Dispensers, and Dispenser Labeling Requirements  19.15.111 NMAC
Retail Natural Gas (CNG/LNG) Regulations 19.15.112 NMAC

  • Security Seals
  • LPG Method of Sale Memo to Owners
  • Biodiesel Mandate Implementation Notice
  • Diversion of Measured Liquid
  • Recommendations for the Storage and Handling of Alcohol-Blended Fuels
  • Petroleum Products Standards Act, Registration Requirements
  • Fees for Petroleum Standards Laboratory Services
  • Petroleum Products Standards Act, Bonding Requirements
  • Biodiesel Labeling Requirements Memo
  • Regulations on LPG and Bulk Meters
  • Height Restrictions for Calibrating Provers