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Metrology Laboratory

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The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST [1]) issued mass and volume standards to all states to provide uniformity throughout the country. The State Metrology Laboratory located in Las Cruces maintains the Official State Standards (OSS) for New Mexico. The use of these standards ensures a fair and equitable marketplace for producers, sellers, and consumers.

All mass and volume test standards used by producers, weights and measures repair agencies, and state inspectors are certified annually in the laboratory with all laboratory measurements being conducted under conditions and techniques recognized as recommended laboratory practices by NIST.

Laboratory Capabilities – The laboratory can provide mass calibrations from 1 mg (0.000002 lbs) to 2268 kg (5000 lbs) by comparison to the Official State Standards. Small volume calibrations below 5 gallons are determined gravimetrically while large volume transfers (emptying a standard into a test device) are performed on general purpose artifacts from 5 to 1500 gallons.

The Metrology Program is responsible for: