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Consumer Services

The Consumer services program inspects weighing and measuring devices annually that are used commercially. Examples of some devices inspected by Consumer services include store checkout scales and scanners, truck scales, and livestock scales.These devices are inspected and tested in accordance with the specifications and tolerances as set forth in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) [1] Handbook 44 [2]. The inspection includes testing the device for accuracy and ensuring the device complies with design, construction and installation requirements. Inspectors also test for net content of packaged commodities in accordance with NIST Handbook 133 [3], labeling, pricing accuracy and egg quality.

Some examples of packages inspected are milk, bread, chips, canned goods, meats, cereals, ice cream, livestock and pet feed, seed, and numerous other commodities.

To schedule or request an inspection, please call the Standards and Consumer Services division at 575-646-1616.