Rozol Prairie Dog Bait Can Only Be Used October 15 – March 15

Rozol Prairie Dog Bait is registered for use in New Mexico under the following new restrictions:

  1. Rozol Prairie Dog Bait (EPA Reg. No. 7173-286) can only be used for black-tailed prairie dog control.
  2. Rozol can only be used between October 1-March 15 each year. Using Rozol after March 15 and before October 1 is illegal.
  3. Applicators must determine if there are any endangered species restrictions specific to their location and follow them. Go to this EPA web page and follow the directions, or telephone 1-800-447-3813.
  4. Within four days after placing Rozol bait, and at 1-2 day intervals thereafter, the applicator must search the baited area and collect and bury all dead prairie dogs. This is to assure that the carcasses are inaccessible to scavengers.
  5. If applicators finds any dead or dying non-target animals, they must report that to the National Pesticide Information Center by calling 1-800-858-7378.

Label language on using Rozol Prairie Dog Bait and on conducting searches for carcasses, reporting dead or dying non-target animals or endangered species, and other restrictions, is specific and must be followed exactly.

Questions? Call NMDA at 575-646-7020 or Liphatech at 414-410-7235


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