Protecting Water and Endangered Species

NMDA’s Pesticide Compliance Section collaborates with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to protect New Mexico’s natural resources from pesticides.

Endangered Species

Under the Endangered Species Act, EPA must ensure that when they register a pesticide, its legal use according to the label directions will not harm listed species or their critical habitat. When EPA determines that limitations on a pesticide’s use are necessary, they will produce Endangered Species Protection Bulletins that are specific to a geographic area and a pesticide.

As Bulletins are developed — using data provided by the US Fish & Wildlife Service and state organizations — they are made available on the EPA website Bulletins Live! Bulletins are available for several New Mexico counties including:

  • Catron
  • Colfax
  • Dona Ana
  • Eddy
  • Grant
  • Hidalgo
  • Lea
  • Lincoln
  • Luna
  • Otero
  • Sierra
  • Socorro
  • Taos

For more information visit:

EPA Endangered Species Protection Program

US Fish & Wildlife Service Endangered Species Program

New Mexico Department of Game & Fish Threatened & Endangered Species

Water Resources

NMDA promotes the safe, effective use of pesticides, and encourages users to follow all label directions and consider additional protective measures when endangered species or water resources may be affected. Always:

  • Choose the least-hazardous pesticide available to control the target pest
  • Apply it at the minimum effective rate
  • Leave a buffer zone around areas where species or water may be affected, such as natural areas or wetlands
  • Consider wildlife nesting, migration, and other behaviors when planning a pesticide application near potentially occupied sites

For questions regarding the protection of endangered species and water resources from pesticides, email or telephone 575-646-2134.





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