Private Applicators

Farmers and ranchers who use pesticides in their agricultural production can be licensed as Private Applicators if they need to purchase or use Restricted Use pesticides.

Private Applicator Categories

Private Restricted Agricultural Pesticides (PRAP)

Private applicators using restricted-use pesticides (including insecticides, herbicides, rodenticides, etc.) in the production of an agricultural commodity.

Private Restricted Rodenticides Only (PRRO)

Private applicators using restricted-use rodent control products in the production of an agricultural commodity. (To learn about this license click here)

PM44 and PLPC

Private applicators using M-44 or LPC devices to control predators on land they own or manage

How do I get a Private Applicator license?

You must pass an exam with a 70% or better. Once you’ve passed you will submit the license fee to NMDA.

You can either take the exam online or make an appointment to take a paper exam. To apply for the online exam use this Private Applicator License Application Form.

If you do not want to take the exam online please contact us to take the paper exam.

Preparing for the Private Applicator exam

The exam covers several aspects of agricultural pesticide use:

  • How to use pesticides safely and effectively
  • Reading and understanding labels
  • Identification, biology, and control of agricultural insects, weeds, and diseases
  • NM Pesticide Control Act & Rules as they apply to Private Applicators
  • Federal laws that apply to Private Applicators, including the Worker Protection Standard and USDA Pesticide Recordkeeping requirements

Study Material for the Private Applicator exam

Renewing your Private Applicators License

Private Applicator licenses are good for five years. Before the expiration date you’ll receive a license renewal form in the mail. If you attended workshops and courses where you earned at least 5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) during the five-year license period, you will be eligible to renew your license. Sign the license renewal form and mail it with the fee to NMDA. If you have not earned your CEUs AND renewed your license by mailing back your renewal form and fee, you must take the exam again. Upcoming CEU workshops are posted here.

Recordkeeping form for Private Applicators with all the elements required by NM and Federal law


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