Press release from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Oct. 13, 2017, announced an agreement with Monsanto, BASF and DuPont on measures to minimize the potential for off-target movement of the newly registered Dicamba based herbicides and further ensure effective use of the products: DuPont’s FeXapan, BASF’s Engenia and Monsanto’s XtendiMax.

Manufacturers have voluntarily agreed to label changes that impose additional requirements for “over the top” application of these products for 2018 which include:

  1. Classifying products as “restricted use,” permitting only certified applicators with special training, and those under their supervision, to apply them; dicamba-specific training for all certified applicators to reinforce proper use;
  2. Requiring farmers to maintain specific records regarding the use of these products to improve compliance with label restrictions;
  3. Limiting applications to when maximum wind speeds are below 10 mph (from 15 mph) to reduce potential spray drift;
  4. Reducing the times during the day when applications can occur;
  5. Including tank clean-out language to prevent cross contamination; and
  6. Enhancing susceptible crop language and record keeping with sensitive crop registries to increase awareness of risk to especially sensitive crops nearby.

All 3 products listed above will expire on November 8, 2018 unless EPA determines before that date that off-site incidents are not occurring at unacceptable rate.


NMDA always recommends that all pesticides users read the label before using any pesticide.

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