Working to promote and achieve compliance with pesticide law

A pesticide is any substance intended for:

  1. preventing, destroying, repelling, or mitigating any pest, including weeds;
  2. causing the leaves to drop from a plant;
  3. artificially accelerating the drying of plant tissue; or
  4. accelerating or retarding the rate of growth, maturation or otherwise altering the behavior of plants.

Pesticides include insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and other microbiocides, and certain disinfectants and sterilizers. They are classified (by US EPA and by NMDA) as either “general-use” or “restricted-use” pesticides. General-use pesticides are considered safe for use by the average person as long as they follow label directions. Using restricted-use pesticides requires more knowledge to prevent exposure or adverse effects on the environment.

Pesticide Licenses

You need a license if you:

  • Apply any pesticide (including general-use pesticides) for hire, or
  • Inspect structures for termites or other wood-destroying organisms, or
  • Want to purchase, use, sell or recommend restricted-use pesticides.

For more information on all these licenses go to the Licensing Guide.

Pesticide Products

All pesticides must be registered by NMDA before they can be sold or used in New Mexico. “Pesticides” include insecticides, herbicides, sanitizers and sterilizers that kill bacteria and viruses, growth regulators and defoliants, and others.

To search New Mexico registrations or for information on registering a pesticide in New Mexico, go to Pesticide Registration.

Worker Safety

NMDA works to promote safety of any occupational users of pesticides as well as agricultural workers who may be exposed to pesticides in the course of their labor. The Worker Protection Standard requires agricultural employers to provide specific training and information to their employees who may handle pesticides or work in farms, forests, greenhouses or nurseries where pesticides are applied.  More at Applicator & Worker Safety



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