Noxious Weed Information

Invasive plant species have been cited as the second-largest threat to endangered native plant species.  Most noxious plant species in New Mexico are found on rangelands and wild lands.  These invasions result in decreased forage availability for livestock and wildlife. The Noxious Weeds Management Act directs NMDA to develop a noxious weed list for the … Continue reading Noxious Weed Information

NM Pesticide Law Summary

DISCLAIMER:  This summary of the New Mexico Pesticide Control Act and some of the regulations published under it does not cover all provisions of the Act or regulations.  This is intended as a snapshot of some of the provisions that applicators must understand.  For a complete understanding of the law regarding pesticides, refer to the … Continue reading NM Pesticide Law Summary

Agricultural Programs & Resources

The Agricultural Programs and Resources Division monitors, analyzes, and disseminates information to influence policy decisions affecting viability of agriculture and sustainability of New Mexico’s natural resources.  Staff provides technical and administrative resources and planning assistance to soil and water conservation districts and the agricultural industry. NMDA administers various state laws and rules to protect New … Continue reading Agricultural Programs & Resources

Divisions Directory Page

Agricultural and Environmental Services Entomology and Nursery Industries Apiary Registration Hemp Program New Invasive Economic Plant Pest Surveys Nursery Licensing Phytosanitary Certificates Plant Pest Quarantine and Eradication Programs Pesticide Compliance Pesticide Applicator Certification and Licensing Pesticide Product Registration Pesticide Enforcement and Inspection Consumer Information Agricultural Production Services Agricultural Biosecurity Emergency Support Function (ESF) 11 Food … Continue reading Divisions Directory Page