Standards & Consumer Services Statutes & Rules


New Mexico Chile Advertising Act Chapter 25, Article 11
New Mexico Chile Verification and Record Requirements 21.16.7 NMAC


Egg Grading Act Administrative Penalties  21.34.13 NMAC
Grades and Standards for Shell Eggs and Reports Covering Information  21.34.8 NMAC
Egg Inspection Fees  21.34.7 NMAC
Egg Grading Act 25-6-1 through 16, NMSA 1978


Pinon Nut Act  Chapter 25, Article 10


Weighmaster Act  Chapter 57, Article 18
Weighmaster Act Administrative Penalties  21.16.12 NMAC
Weighmaster Bonding Requirements  21.16.9 NMAC

WEIGHTS & MEASURES – Consumer Services

Weights and Measures Law  Chapter 57, Article 17
Weights & Measures Law Administrative Penalties  21.16.11 NMAC
Specifications, Tolerances and Other Technical Requirements for Commercial Weighing and Measuring Devices  21.16.2 NMAC
Not Sealed Not Legal for Trade Under the Weights and Measures Law  21.16.3 NMAC
Bonding and Registration of Services Technicians and Services Establishments for Commercial Weighing or Measuring Devices  21.16.5 NMAC
Checking the Net Contents of Packaged Goods  21.16.10 NMAC
Price Representations  21.16.6 NMAC
Method of Sale of Commodities 21.16.4 NMAC

WEIGHTS & MEASURES – Petroleum Standards

Petroleum Products Standards Act  Chapter 57, Article 19
Specifications, Tolerances, and Other Technical Requirements for Commercial Weighing and Measuring Devices  19.15.103 NMAC
Standard Specifications/Modifications for Petroleum Products  19.15.104 NMAC
Labeling Requirements for Petroleum Products  19.15.105 NMAC
Octane Posting Requirements  19.15.106 NMAC
Applying Administrative Penalties  19.15.107 NMAC
Bonding and Registration of Servicemen and Service Establishments for Commercial Petroleum Weighing or Measuring Devices  19.15.108 NMAC
Not Sealed Not Legal For Trade  19.15.109 NMAC

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