New Mexico Chile Commission

The New Mexico Chile Commission was formed in 1988 after members of the state’s chile industry petitioned
New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA) to help them form an organization.  The body was created to collect funds from the industry in order to support research, marketing, and promotion efforts.

The New Mexico Chile Commission is comprised of nine members of the chile industry, including six producers and three processors.  The leadership of the Commission is elected for three-year terms by members of the chile industry.

Current leadership:
Andrew Graves, Chairman
Ben Etcheverry, Vice-Chairman
Arturo Jurado, Secretary/Treasurer

NMDA marketing specialist James Ditmore provides Departmental support to the Commission.  For information about the Commission, please contact Juan at (575) 646-4929 or at

The Commission collects voluntary assessments paid by handlers of chile ($.625 per ton of fresh chile peppers and $1.25 per ton of dry chile peppers), and uses these dollars to fund research projects that aim to improve chile production and the chile industry in New Mexico.

Research being funded by the Commission is being conducted using traditional, open-pollination breeding techniques.

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