Inputs approved for organic production

There are three basic ways to determine whether an input is allowed in organic production:

  1. Find the input in the National Organic Standards. This works well for single-ingredient substances such as elemental sulfur;
  2. Look on the Organic Materials Review Institute website to see if the product you are looking for has been approved. This is particularly helpful for manufactured products with more than one ingredient. If the product you wish to use is on the OMRI list note any restrictions for use and download a copy of the page showing the product’s approval;
  3. If you cannot determine if an input is allowed for use in organic production by either of the methods above, or you just aren’t sure, please let us know and we will help:
  4. View the NMDA OP Materials Guide

Please note!  If you are adding a new input, crop, or ingredient to your operation that is not already listed on your Organic System Plan, you MUST seek approval from your certifier before the change is made. You may do this by emailing

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