Agricultural & Environmental Services Statutes & Rules


Bee Act  Chapter 76, Article 9
Commercial Apiaries  21.27.2 NMAC


Pesticide Control Act  Chapter 76, Article 4
Pesticides  21.17.50 NMAC
Control of Wood Destroying Pests  21.17.51 NMAC
Continuing Education Units for Pesticide Applicators  21.17.53 NMAC
Restricted-Use Pesticides  21.17.56 NMAC
M-44 Capsules and the Livestock Protection Collar  21.17.57 NMAC


Pest Control Act Chapter 76, Article 6
Plant Protection Act Chapter 76, Article 5, ¶ 11-28
Grasshopper and Other Range Pest Control Act Chapter 76, Article 5, ¶ 2-10
Cotton Boll Weevil Control Act Chapter 76, Article 6A
Harmful Plant Act Chapter 76, Article 7A
Pink Bollworm Control Act Chapter 76, Article 6B
Plant Nursery Licensing and Inspection 21.17.2 NMAC
Cotton Pest Emergency Action 21.17.32 NMAC
Cotton Boll Weevil Quarantine 21.17.42 NMAC
Pink Bollworm Permanent Plowdown 21.17.31 NMAC
Japanese Beetle Exterior Quarantine 21.17.27 NMAC
Pecan Weevil Interior Quarantine 21.17.36 NMAC
Pecan Weevil Exterior Quarantine 21.17.28 NMAC
Pepper Weevil Interior Quarantine and Plow-down 21.17.29 NMAC
Red Imported Fire Ant Interior Quarantine 21.17.33 NMAC

Pecan Buyers Licensure 21.19.2 NMAC
Pecan Buyers Licensure Act Chapter 47, Article 16
2019 Pecan Buyers License Application

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