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Weevil larvae



The recent findings of pecan weevil in residential and commercial pecan trees in several eastern New Mexico towns and cities has prompted New Mexico Department of Agriculture to implement an emergency quarantine. The quarantine identifies Curry, Chaves, Lea and Eddy counties as currently infested with pecan weevil and places restrictions on the movement of in-shell pecans originating in those counties and destined to other New Mexico counties. The quarantine also places requirements on pecan buyers and on cold storage facilities that are using freezing as one method to kill pecan weevil. Pecan weevil is considered the most serious insect pest of pecans and is considered established in all pecan growing regions of the country except far west Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. It is primarily spread to new pecan growing areas through the movement of pecan weevil infested pecans and equipment that harbors infested pecans.

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Congratulations to Sage Faulkner and Legacy Pecans

(Left photo) Sage Faulkner captured the most likes on Facebook with this photo of a calf.
(Right photo) Legacy Pecans captured the most likes for a company on Instagram with this post!
Thank you Sage, Legacy Pecans and everyone else who helped us celebrate #AgWeekInNM and National Ag Day (March 18-24, 2018)!