Dealers, Distributors and Manufacturers of Pesticides

Pesticide Distributors include feed stores, big box stores, and any other marketplace that sells pesticides of any kind. This includes insecticides, herbicides (including “weed and feed” products), rodenticides, etc. NMDA inspects these businesses to ensure that all products are properly stored and displayed. They also ensure they are registered as required by state and Federal law.

Pesticide Dealers are distributors that are licensed by NMDA to sell restricted-use pesticides (RUPs). Use this Dealer License Application Form to apply for a Dealer’s License.

Licensed Dealers are responsible for verifying that purchasers are licensed and certified in the appropriate category. This must be done before they sell an RUP. They must keep complete records of all transactions involving RUPs. It must include purchaser’s name and license number, sale date, and pesticide name, EPA Registration Number, and quantity sold.

Go to the link below for an example of a recordkeeping form Dealers can use to record RUP sales. Dealers may also be subject to the Federal pesticide rule on pesticide containers and containment.

Pesticide Manufacturers may formulate, manufacture, or repackage pesticides. They must be registered with US EPA as Producer Establishments. Manufacturers are subject to the new Federal law on pesticide containers and containment.

Useful Links

Look up a pesticide registered in NM to see if it is state or federally restricted

Flyer describing Dealer’s responsibilities

Example Dealer RUP sales record form

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