Hemp Registration

As required by state law, New Mexico Department of Agriculture issues licenses to businesses/individuals producing hemp.  The New Mexico Environment Department issues licenses to businesses/individuals for processing activities following harvest, including extraction, distillation, and manufacturing.  A brief summary of each license and document issued by New Mexico Department of Agriculture follows:

  • 2020 Continuous Hemp Production License: Primarily indoor production where hemp plants are maintained throughout the year (currently available);   
  • 2020 Annual Hemp Production License: Field production for annual hemp crops (available January 2020);
  • 2020 Special Hemp Breeding License: Possession of plants less than 5.0% THC for the sole purpose of breeding new hemp varieties for New Mexico. Significant plant limitations and security requirements enforced (available January 2020);
  • 2020 Nursery Plant License: Required by state law for any business selling live plants, including hemp (currently available);
  • 2020 Harvest Notification Document:  Submitted no less than 20 days prior to initiation of harvest. Allows department staff time to schedule for sampling (available January 2020);  
  • 2020 Harvest Certificate: Required prior to initiation of harvest (available January 2020);

Additional forms:

  • Additional Growing Area form: Must be completed and included with your Continuous Hemp Production application and/or your Annual Hemp Production application if you are applying to license more than one growing area (currently available).
  • Hemp Cultivation Landowner Affidavit form: Must be completed and included with your Annual or Continuous Hemp Production application if the licensee does not own the property where hemp production is located (currently available).

If you have a special need and require one of the above licenses, please contact us.  Questions regarding hemp and nursery applications and licenses can be addressed at 575-646-3207. 

Understand that a valid license is proof that you have registered with the state as a hemp producer with the intent of producing hemp.  This license  is required by law enforcement if you have viable hemp plants or a grower in possession of raw hemp. 

Updated: December 20, 2019