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The New Mexico Seed Law was enacted to serve as a basic “truth-in-labeling” law designed to provide consumers with important information relating to product quality and identity.

The New Mexico Seed Law [1] regulates both agricultural and vegetable seeds sold in the state. “Agricultural” seeds are those of legumes, grasses, forages, cereals, and fiber crops. Included in this category are lawn and turf seeds. “Vegetable” seeds are those of crops grown commercially and in home gardens and are commonly known as vegetables. Seeds grown strictly for their ornamental value (flower seeds, for example) are not included.

The law requires all seeds to be labeled truthfully regarding their identification, purity, and viability. Basic quality information relating to germination and weed seed contamination are required to provide the purchaser important information to make intelligent purchases. The law also classifies certain weed seeds as “noxious weeds” and restricts their presence in seed offered for seeding purposes.

The inspection staff of the Feed, Seed, & Fertilizer group provides marketplace surveillance throughout the state through inspections of retail sales outlets and seed distributors selling seed products. These products routinely consist of various agricultural crop seeds, forage seeds, lawn seeds and vegetable seeds. Samples are obtained through official sampling methods and are analyzed in the State Seed Laboratory [2] to determine compliance with labeled guarantees.


New Mexico Seed Law [1]

21.18.4 NMAC Seed Standards & Classifications [3]

Noxious Weed Act [4]

Fact Sheets

Seed Retailer and Distributor Fact Sheet

Example of an agricultural seed tag:

Kind: Variety: Lot Number:
Pure Seed:
Hard or Dormant Seed: (If present)
Weed Seed:
Inert Matter:
Other Crop:
Noxious Weed Seeds: (Name and Number Per Pound if present)
Origin:(State or Foreign Country) Test and/or Sell By Date:(Month & Year)
For Hybrid Corn: Relative Maturity: (Listed in a single day increment such as 93 days)
Labeler’s Name:


Test Date, Sell By Date