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Inspectors with the New Mexico Department of Agriculture/Feed, Seed & Fertilizer Section act to ensure compliance with the New Mexico Commercial Feed Act and Rule through routine inspections of feed manufactures, distributors, dairies, ranches, pet stores, and retail establishments. Along with inspections these members of our team provide customer service, education and assist in providing a safe and secure supply of commercial feed for our New Mexico consumers. A great deal of this is accomplished by product sampling and analysis, performed by the NMDA’s Office of the State Chemist, to insure that guaranteed analysis claims are accurate and product labeling meet standards set forth by the commercial feed act.

In addition, Feed, Seed & Fertilizer inspectors work with the US Food and Drug Administration to monitor Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), commonly known as “mad cow disease” to assure that all cattle operations are in compliance with the BSE Rule.

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