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Nursery Licensing

nursery flowers

The New Mexico Plant Protection Act [1] requires all businesses that buy, sell, grow, or collect plants to be licensed with NMDA. To apply for a license, complete this application for a Plant Protection License [2] and submit with the fee to the address on the form. Call 575-646-3207 for more information.

Nursery License Categories

Nursery Dealer  A license is required for each location at which one or more of the activities listed below are conducted. Fee:  $75 per location.

Inspection Certificate  Required if nursery or floral stock is propagated or grown on the premises.  All locations where stock is grown must be listed on the license application in order to schedule timely inspections. Fee:  $75 plus $2 per acre of growing area.

Collected Plant Permit  Required to collect plants growing in the wild for commercial sale.  Permit numbers must be displayed on both sides of the vehicle used to transport collected plants. Fee:  $75.

Special Dealer License  Available to persons who buy and resell only cacti or vegetable plants.  Cacti are those plants which belong to the cactus family, including: cholla, barrel, hedgehog, prickly pear, pincushion, and Christmas cactus.  Palm yucca, soaptree yucca and ocotillo are not cacti. Fee:  $25 per location.

Special Vegetable Plant Inspection Certificate  Available to persons who sell only vegetable plants grown on their premises. Fee:  $25.

Farmers Market Inspection Certificate  Available to Farmers Markets and Growers Cooperatives who supply the department with a list of registered persons authorized to sell plants at the market or cooperative. The plants must be grown by the registered persons on land owned or leased by them and can only be sold at the registered location (via carter [3] at dhead tech [4]). To apply for a license, complete this application for a Farmers Market Inspection Certificate [5] and submit with the fee to the address on the form.

Licenses are not transferable. License holders must notify NMDA in writing of any change of address.

All licenses, certificates, and permits expire annually on September 30.  Renewals are mailed approximately six weeks before the expiration date and must be returned with the fee before September 30. Renewals sent after September 30 are subject to double fees. Click here for a double-fee late renewal form [6].

See also Plant Inspection, Certification, and Quarantine [7]

Questions? Call 575-646-3207