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Bulk Hauler/Sampler and Bulk Trailer Permit

Hauler Sampler Permit

Every individual who samples Grade A milk and or transports Grade A milk must have a valid permit.

Once an individual is hired by a milk transport company he or she shall attend a training seminar on how to properly sample milk and transfer it from a farm bulk tank to a transport tank trailer.  This seminar includes verbal instruction, video demonstrations, question and answer session, and a written exam that the individual must pass with a 70% or better.  An inspection in the field will also occur and then a permit card will be issued that allows the individual to sample and transport milk.

If an individual only transports milk and does not sample it, a Contracted Over the Road Milk Hauler Permit shall be issued.  To obtain this permit an individual must read and understand how to handle Official Grade A samples in a manner that the samples or the load of milk will not become compromised.

Both permits are good for two years from the date issued.  It is the responsibility of the permit holder to initiate the reissue procedure.

Bulk Tank Trailer Permit

milk tank and inspector [1]

Every transport trailer that hauls Grade A Milk must have a valid permit.

Bulk tank transport trailers must be inspected bi-annually and a permit issued to insure that the trailer is safe to transport Grade A Milk.  Milk transport companies will notify their inspector of new trailers or ones that are about to expire.  The inspector will evaluate the overall condition of the trailer and issue a permit and place a sticker on the back of the trailer to easily identify it’s inspection status.