Agricultural & Environmental Services

Brad Lewis, Division Director

The Division of Agricultural and Environmental Services consists of three sections and their associated laboratories. The Division has a wide range of responsibilities under eleven state statutes, including the Bee Act, Commercial Feed Law, Commercial Seed LawFertilizer Act, Pest Control Act, Plant Protection Act, and Pesticide Control Act. The division has 33 employees, including field staff located throughout the state.

The Entomology and Nursery Industries Section works to prevent the introduction and spread of new plant pests that may pose a threat to New Mexico’s agricultural and horticultural industries; to assure horticultural products available to the consumer are healthy and free of pests; and to provide phytosanitary certification services for exporters of plants and plant products.

The Feed, Seed and Fertilizer Section regulates the manufacture and distribution of commercial feed, fertilizers, and soil conditioners within the state through annual registration of these products and a regular sampling program.

The Pesticide Compliance Section works to promote safe use of agricultural, horticultural, and structural pesticides and ensure compliance with pesticide law. Activities include applicator certification and licensing, worker protection and safety, pesticide registration, protection of water and endangered species from pesticides, and tip/complaint investigation.

The laboratories in the Division analyze official pesticide, feed, seed and fertilizer samples collected by inspectors and seed samples submitted by the public.

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