Noxious Weed Information

Invasive plant species have been cited as the second-largest threat to endangered native plant species.  Most noxious plant species in New Mexico are found on rangelands and wild lands.  These invasions result in decreased forage availability for livestock and wildlife.  The Noxious Weeds Management Act directs NMDA to develop a noxious weed list for the state, identify methods … Continue reading Noxious Weed Information

Seed: General Information

The New Mexico Seed Law was enacted to serve as a basic “truth-in-labeling” law. It was designed to provide consumers with important information relating to product quality and identity. The New Mexico Seed Law regulates both agricultural and vegetable seeds sold in the state. “Agricultural” seeds are those of legumes, grasses, forages, cereals, and fiber … Continue reading Seed: General Information