March 31: Deadline for requesting inspection of livestock scales for 2015

(LAS CRUCES, N.M.) – New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA) is reminding New Mexicans who own livestock scales that they have until the close of business on Tuesday, March 31, to request an annual inspection of their scales for 2015.

A change to the Livestock Scale Inspection Program in 2011 means that routine inspections are no longer restricted to the month of August.  Inspections are now conducted between April 1 and December 31 of every year.

Requests for inspections can be made in one of several different ways:

  • By filling out this form
  • By phone: 575-646-1616 during regular business hours
  • By fax: 575-646-2361
  • By mail: Standards and Consumer Services, MSC 3170, Box 30005, Las Cruces, NM

The initial routine inspection will be conducted at no charge unless:

  • You need your scale inspected before the date it’s scheduled to occur
  • You request an additional inspection in 2015
  • You request re-inspection of a scale previously inspected in 2015 that had results of “No Test” because of a dirty beam box/house with excessive rodent nests or droppings
  • You request re-inspection of a scale that was previously inspected and rejected in 2015
  • Your scales are not ready for inspection when the inspector is in the area

Any fees incurred will be based on the current Fees for Weights and Measures Services schedule.

If you have sold or leased your property, please forward this information to the new owner/operator so that he or she can contact NMDA.  If you know anyone with scales that might need to be inspected, please have him or her contact NMDA for information on our Livestock Scale Inspection Program.  All inquiries should be directed to Raymond Johnson at 575-646-1616 or at