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Our Mission
NMDA benefits the public by promoting the viability and advancement of New Mexico agriculture and affiliated industries.

Our Vision
NMDA promotes a fair marketplace, food protection, marketing, and economic development; supports the beneficial use and conservation of natural resources; and works cooperatively with the public and private sectors.


The New Hemp Homepage has arrived

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Enchanted AgriCulture, Food & Cuisine Magazine now available

The New Mexico Department of Agriculture and Farm Flavor Media have collaborated to bring you the fourth edition of Enchanted AgriCulture, Food & Cuisine, a guide to New Mexico’s food and farms. The 2020 publication includes an overview of New Mexico’s food, farming and agribusiness sectors, a glimpse at the state’s leading agriculture products, and a variety of both entertaining and informative stories addressing the many facets that make up our state’s agriculture industry. With topics ranging from New Mexico’s fine cuisine and spirit options to the state’s one-of-a-kind entertainment festivities, we hope this edition of Enchanted AgriCulture, Food & Cuisine inspires, educates and stimulates a desire for you to explore all that the Land of Enchantment has to offer.

Please invite others to join in the journey as well!
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Pecan weevil larva can be found in the shells of pecans.

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Pecan Weevil is considered the most significant insect pest of pecan producers. Previous periodic introductions of pecan weevil into New Mexico have triggered grower specific quarantines and eradication procedures. Pecan weevil was recently confirmed in approximately 200 residential pecan trees in several eastern New Mexico pecan growing counties and several commercial pecan orchards. This recent widespread establishment of pecan weevil in eastern New Mexico’s residential areas has dictated a more comprehensive approach to maintaining New Mexico’s pecan weevil-free status. The Pecan Weevil Interior Quarantine restricts the transportation of pecan weevil from quarantine areas to non-quarantined areas by establishing quarantine areas, restrictions and treatment options on regulated articles, disposition protocol, and fees

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